Hiroyuki Takaya

Place of Birth: Chiba, Japan
Date of Birth: 6/10/1977
Height: 167cm
Weight: 65kg
Association: Takaya Gundan

Takaya has many legendary street fighting episodes which everybody in the region has heard of. He started his MMA career in Shooto and has wins over the Hatsu Hioki, Stephan Palling. He then moved on to fight on various events such as HERO’S, CAGE FORCE and WEC. Takaya settled as one of DREAM’s staple fighters from 2009. During DREAM, he has wins over big names such as Hideo Tokoro, Yoshiro Maeda, Joachim Hansen, and Bibiano Fernandez and ultimately captures the DREAM Feather weight crown. He is coming off of 3 straight KO victories and has proven that he still has the knockout power. Will he be able to crush DJ, and stir the Feather weight division?