Name: Baruto
Place of Birth: Estonia
Date of Birth: 11/5/1984
Height: 198cm
Weight: 170kg

Practiced Judo since a child and has won National titles. Once introduced to Sumo at the age of 12, he entered the World Jr. Sumo Championships. On May of 2004, he steps foot on the Sumo ring as the first Estonian Sumo wrestler. Two months after his debut, he became champion in the lowest division Jonokuchi, in September he became champion of the second lowest division Jonidan, and after great results of the July tournament in 2005, Baruto was promoted to the second highest division Juryo, only 8 months after his debut. In 2010, he was promoted to the second highest rank in the highest division, Ozeki. He was highly touted as the young prospect who would most likely become Yokozuna (the highest rank in Sumo) from his debut, but injuries kept him away from competition and retired in 2013. After retirement, Baruto returned to his home country and became a successful businessman. With Baruto only being 30, and with his natural athleticism, there are many fans who wishes his comeback, starting with former Yokozuna Akebono inviting him into the pro wrestling world, there are constant rumors where Baruto would appear in the fighting world. The high expectations for the former Sumo wrestler with the outstanding “Superhuman strength” was met with superb satisfaction when his hand was raised in his MMA debut against legendary Peter Aerts. His participation in the world GP is highly anticipated especially because he will be facing a Japanese legend Kazuyuki Fujita, for the spot to represent Japan.