Yuta Uchida

Place of Birth: Osaka,Japan
Date of Birth: 1/22/1991
Height: 182cm
Weight: 95kg
Association: ALLIANCE

Uchida is a thoroughbred Karate kid who has the 3 time Karate National Champion as his parent. He spent his entire teens dedicated to Karate, and has achieved many titles and awards. He started training MMA 1 year ago at Tsuyoshi Kosaka’s gym, and has been learning at a high rate. After becoming 84kg World Champion in August of 2015, Uchida announced that he will pursue the rest of his career as a MMA fighter. There are high expectations since there are many successful fighters with traditional Karate backgrounds such as Ryoto Machida, Kyoji Horiguchi. In a country where heavy weight stars are scares, Uchida is looking to become the new star that will lead the Japanese MMA world.