Name: Yuta Watanabe
Place of Birth: Japan,Niigata
Date of Birth 28/9/1984
Height: 180cm
Weight: 78kg
Association: Team ALLIANCE
Twitter: andreyyutaaaaa
Yuta was a hardcore golf competitor in junior high, started wrestling in his Senior year in high school. He joined Tsuyoshi Kosaka’s ALLIANCE after graduating high school and made his professional debut in the ZST ring in 04’. After building his career, he made his first appearance in DEEP in 06’. After going down to welterweight, Yuta has been on a 7 fight winning streak since April of 07’. He is the current DEEP Welter weight Champion and has defended his once by KO. Will Yuta be able to show his strength and prove that he is the champion against Kato – the fighter who decided to fight abroad rather than in Japan?