Name: Danilo Zanolini
Place of the Birth: Brazil
Date of the Birth: 29/7/1980
Height: 174cm
Weight: 75kg

When visiting Japan in 1999, Danilo started working on his network expansion, and now Danilo owns 11 kickboxing gyms in Japan and buillt 11 gyms promoting his Brazilian-Thai Team in Brazil. Danilo made his professional debut in 2007 and kept active until finally claiming the HEAT Kick middle weight crown in March of 2010. He is currently on a 14-winning streak which includes 6 title defenses. In 2013 he became the RISE welterweight champion and defend his title twice by defeating Beck Manson and Kenta. Moreover, last year in November, Danilo captured the ISKA super welterweight title after crushing Philip Simon. He is a very popular fighter amongst the Brazilian community in Japan. Will he be able to show another impressive victory in front of many friends and family again?