Name: Yuya
Place of the Birth: Japan,Aichi
Date of the Birth: 12/1/1990
Height: 171cm
Weight: 58.9kg
Association: Yamato Gym

NJKF super featherweight champion, represents Yamato gym, his record is 9-1. Made a bright professional debut in NAGOYAKICK in 2008. Yuya continued fighting in various promotions such as Krush and HEAT, and in 2014 defeated Suzuki Shoya by KO in NJKF fight, which made him the Super Featherweight Champion. In 2015 he became NJKF light weight Champion after knocking out Kouji under HEAT kickboxing rules. Current WBC Muay Thai Japanese Champion.
His devastating punches are similar to Tetsuya Yamato, who he looks up to as a brother has got him recognized as one of the best kick boxers under 60 kg in Japan.
Will he sing us a song of a triumph victory in Nagoya?