Name: Cyndi Alves
Place of the Birth: Brazil
Date of the Birth: 8/6/1990
Height: 165cm
Weight: 53kg
Association: Chute Boxe Academy

Fighting out of the famous Chute Boxe Academy, Cyndi Alves is training under one of the best coaches in the world Rudimar Federigo, who has brought up the likes of Wanderlei Silva, Fabruicio Verdum, Marucio Shogun just to name a few. She trains in an environment along with the top male fighters in the world. Cyndi holds a significant 10-4 Muai Thai record, and showed her potential as a MMA fighter by winning her debut by TKO. She has also won a national Muai Thai title in 2012 proving that her stand up skills are top caliber. The combination of traditional Chute Boxe mentality and her aggressive personality makes her a fierce and dangerous competitor. Cyndi is determined to prove her skills, representing Brazil’s elite fight camp.