Jazzy Gabert Interview


What are your thoughts now that you will officially fighting for Rizin?

I´m very happy that my hard work is going to pay off. It was a long way, im still on this journey and im very happy that I can perform in front on the japanese Fans. This is a huge honor for me, a big opportunity and I will give my very best.

What are your thoughts about your opponent?

I first heard about King Reina when her match against Shayna Braszler was announced. When I look at King Reina I can see that she is a hungry lion! Her style is very aggressive. From size and height, I will be in advantage, but her skills are very good on the ground. This will be a interesting fight!

What is the MMA scene like in your country?

The MMA Scene in my country is growing, more and more mma companies coming up. The people understand at this moment not what we are doing, but we working on a good image for this sport. It was necessary for me to move to another town about 700km away to join a good mma school. I found with Planet Eater the best for me. We have lots of students and im happy that I can inspire them to be good fighters

What are your thoughts from your last appearance in rizin?

I was very happy about the invitation and I felt very welcome by everyone. It was a great experience. I was able to watch both shows, I was very impressed. It was a once in a lifetime experience to witness all these great fights, the show, the presenters and the fans. When I sat at the ring and watching the others fight, my heart was on fire, I want to fight for Rizin, Japan and the fans worldwide.

What is your favorite thing to do in japan?

I love exploring the Temples in Japan. I been to many and I love to hear the stories behind it. I have many friends in Japan and they go with me to hidden places. The one Temple, I love the most is at the one at the Monzennakacho Station. Its called fukagawafudou and has a ceremony 5 times a day. I went there many times already. The ceremony brings my soul on fire.