Bestare Kicaj Interview


How do you feel, now that your fight in RIZIN is official?

I am overwhelmed with joy! I am looking very much forward to possibly competing in front of 17,000 people at Yokohama Arena.

What do you think about your opponent Ishioka?

Ishioka has a lot of fights on her record, but I’m not impressed by her performance. I will tear her apart!

Please tell the Japanese fans about the promotions you fight in back home.

So far I have been competing in front of 500 people who have motivated me 500-times to fight and give my best. Competing for RIZIN will motivate me a million times more! I am thankful and appreciate the Japanese fans a lot.

What are your impressions about Japan? Are there any specific things you would like to do/see in Japan?

Japan is too big, I wish I was a little taller! I’m sure Japan’s size will impress me.

What do you think about the Japanese fans?

I am very impressed by the large numbers of Japanese fans that have been attending the RIZIN events and supporting the fighters. I also believe that Japanese martial arts fans are the most knowledgeable in the world.

Have you seen any RIZIN events? If so, what are your thoughts?

I really like RIZIN’s rules! I’m just a little sad that Saori has turned down the offer to fight with elbows to the head. It would have been even bloodier that way! But if I knew I was fighting Bestii, I would have probably turned it down as well. 😉

A message to the Japanese fans please

After the first punch I connect to Saori’s face, you will love me! xoxo Bestii