Interview. Have you seen any RIZIN events? If so, what are your thoughts?


We asked some of the fighters who will be participating in RIZIN 2017 in YOKOHAMA – SAKURA about their most memorable fight.

Alexandra Toncheva

Yes, of course, i watch every Rizin event and also some Pride events. I think Rizin one of the top Mma organizations in the world!

Anthony Birchak

Yes I’ve watched the New Years events and tournaments that Cro Cop and King Mo have won and all I can think to myself is that if I can win a belt at Rizin or defeat top competition like Kawajiri I too will be one of the greatest not just currently but of all time in the sport of MMA.

Bestare Kicaj

I really like RIZIN’s rules! I’m just a little sad that Saori has turned down the offer to fight with elbows to the head. It would have been even bloodier that way! But if I knew I was fighting Bestii, I would have probably turned it down as well. 😉

We hope that these fighters will also put on a performance that will be remembered.