Lei’D Tapa Interview


What have you been doing since your last fight in RIZIN?

Since my last fight in Japan against Gabi Garcia. when I can home I had found out I had an enlarge pituitary gland tumor. I had surgery to remove it from my brain and it was a success. Thank God! It took some months to heal. I had a lot of time to think ponder on my life mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It was a good thing. Once I was cleared by doctor I started back getting in shape and training MMA.

What are your thoughts about your opponent KING Reina?

My thoughts on King Reina is that she has goals just like me in MMA. She seems tough but, not tougher than me the one and only Lei’D Tapa Queen Of Rings. I’ve been patiently waiting for my time to fight. My time is now and I’m Ready!!! Ready to Dominate, ready for battle, ready to showcase my growth and skills of a MMA fighter. Fight my Fight. what I’ve been training to do, ready to be Victorious! Ready to make King Reina BowDown.

What was your experience in visiting Japan for the first time? Did they meet your expectations?

My experience for the first time in Japan was delightful! The people, the culture, the food, the atmosphere just amazing! The hospitality and Respect the people have is one of a kind. I love Japan and the people!

What did it feel like to fight in RIZIN?

The first time I step foot into the arena to fight for RIZIN my heart raced with excitement. So many fighters around the world and I got to be on a grand stage with thousands of people in the arena and Millions watching at home. To have the opportunity to do what I love in MMA and showcase to the world Lei’D Tapa the Queen Of Rings. who is a true fighter, with a Royal warrior spirit means a lot to me. RIZIN gave me a big platform to show the world what I can do, my potential in fighting and in pro wrestling. The Love and Respect I have for RIZIN and the whole staff and team to bring this to the world I’m forever grateful!

A message to the fans

To All my Lei’D Tapa fans in Japan and all over the world my journey continues as a MMA fighter and as a Pro Wrestler. I always believe in my heart with hard work, determination, good attitude, and belief in yourself in your abilities anything is possible. No matter how many times life can knock you down get back up and never give up! That is what makes a true champion! I’m living my dreams and I hope to make you all Proud and I thank you all for your loyal support in my MMA career and in my Pro wrestling career! It’s time.. it’s Tapa time! Ready to fight!! Ready to go! BOWDOWN