Interview with the Khalid Taha


How do you feel now that your participation in the RIZIN GP has been official?

– It is a great feeling to celebrate my participation in the Grand Prix with my friends and fans.

What is your opponent about your opponent?

– My opponent has a lot of experience, but I only view him as a stopover on my way to tournament victory!

Please tell us a little bit about the promotions you fight in back home.

– So far I have been fighting for Germany’s biggest promotions and I also hold several titles here. It has always been a lot of fun competing here in front of my friends and family.

Have you ever been to Japan? What do you expect from Japan?

– July will be my first time in Japan. My main focus is on the fight, but I’m sure there will be time to see some of the sights and sample some of the great food afterward.

What are your thoughts about the Japanese fans?

– The Japanese fans are wonderful! They love and live for our sport. That makes me very happy and motivates me a lot.

Have you ever seen a RIZIN event?

– I have seen a few RIZIN events and I am a big fan! I am very proud to be able to showcase my skills on such a grand stage.

Message to the fans please.

– After my first fight in RIZIN, every Japanese MMA fan will know my name!