Interview with Karl Albrektsson


What have you been doing since your last fight in RIZIN?

I have been training every single day. Trying to improve in all areas, I have dedicated my life to this sport and for me there is no other. I have also had a feeling saying this fight with Teodoras will happen. So I have been meditating to bring forth a winning strategy. In my mind, I have already fought Teodoras a hundred times over and always seeing me be victorious.

What are your thoughts about your opponent Teodoras Aukstuolis?

I think Teodoras is an extremely tough opponent. He has a strong judo background with very solid hands and carry a lot of power. It will be an honor to fight this man and I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to test myself.

What kind of fight do you think this is going to be?

I see this can be a very grueling match that comes down to who wants to win the most. It will be a battle of technique, Strategy and most of all Spirit.

How do you like fighting in Japan?

I love fighting in Japan. It’s something magical about this island I feel it as soon as I step off the plane and it gives me energy. Maybe it is the past making itself known in the present.

What does it feel like to fight in RIZIN?

I love to fight in Rizin the level of competition here is so high you always got to be on your toes one small mistake can cost you everything. I feel different emotions even though I am very happy about being able to fight in RIZIN I am also equally nervous but it’s events like these that makes a man and I want prove myself to me and to the rest of the world.

A message to the fans

I want to say hello to all the fans looking forward to seeing you Japan. The fans are the most important element without you guys we could not do what we love every day and for that I am truly grateful thank you very much.