Interview with KING Reina


“I want to fight fighters who are better than me, and show everybody how good I am.”

Q) This will be your second fight in RIZIN, what are your current feeelings?

K) Nothing

Q) Nothing….?

K) They told me to show, so here I am.

Q) What is your motivation towards the fight?

K) I am always motivated. I want to fight fighters who are better than me and show everybody how good I am. That’s all there is to it.

Q) So that just happened to be your second fight in RIZIN.

K) Yup

Q) Your opponent Lei’D Tapa has faced Gabi Garcia in the past, what are your impressions of her?

K) What impressions? I don’t even know who she is.

Q) ……………..She is a female MMA fighter.

K) Well yeah, she better be. I don’t really care. You decide if she is a tough fighter or not after watching me fight her.

Q) Such confidence in you, so no need to study your opponent?

K) I never study my opponents. What I do isn’t going to change, and even if I study my opponents, nothing I do during the fight won’t change. All I do is to look at my bad habits and try to adjust them.

Q) So you adjust your bad parts every time and continue to perfect yourself?

K) Yup.

Q) So do you feel like you are becoming a better fighter?

K) I think so. I felt like my striking defense has improved during my last fight in JEWLES, and my minions (fans) all told me that I have been improving, I think I’m getting better.

Q) You feel your improvements.

K) That is what I just said. And people around me are giving me a lot of likes on my posts, so I think I’m doing good.

Q) When you say “minions” do you mean your training partners?

K) Them too, but mostly my fans.

Q) So you fans are your minions. How did everybody react to your last RIZIN fight?

K) It was okay.

Q) Okay… Are you starting to get recognition in public?

K) Just a little, not nearly enough though.

Q) You need more…..? So in your mind, KING Reina is walking through the streets so you need to acknowledge me, ish?

K) To be quite frank I think I need more love.

Q) You need nation wide love…..?

K) Yup.

Q) But your fight aired on national television, so did people around you start acting differently?

K) Maybe, some old friends all of a sudden called me out of the blue. I was like “Why the hell are contacting me now?”

Q) So people who have been distant, started contacting you.

K) That actually did happen.

Q) Has your life style changed? I hear that RIZIN pays pretty well. Did you buy anything?

K) Nothing has changed. I might buy a French bulldog though.

Q) Is that something you have been wanting for quite some time?

K) I’ve always had a cat, but I have had the urge on having a dog in the house. I am thinking of buying a dog with the money I made from JEWELS and RIZIN.

Q) So you made enough money to at least afford a dog. But by talking to you, it sounds like you won’t be effected on who you are even though your surroundings might change.

K) Yeah, I am who I am despite who creeps along or how my surrounding changes.

Q) You fought in April, fought a month later, and now you have July, that’s a pretty tough schedule, but you took it with ease.

K) I have no damage, so I can fight anytime.

Q) You have about 2 months for your upcoming fight, that’s enough time to get ready?

K) I said I can fight anytime. Are you stupid?

Q) How do you plan on spending your next 2 months, leading up to the fight?

K) I want to keep myself motivated, and they to condition myself at my peak performance, for the fight.

Q) You have been pretty vocal on wanting to fight abroad, but is that goal still something you have in mind?

K) Yeah, it would be nice to fight overseas, but right now I want more minions, lots of them.

Q) Please give you minions a message.

K) I need more love. Give me more love.