Interview with Teodoras Aukštuolis


What have you been doing since your last fight in RIZIN?

After my last fight in Rizin I did not feel happy, I had some rest and then continued training. I participated in King of Kings tourneship, which is the biggest in Europe. In the first round I won my MMA fight strangling my opponent from Ukraine. Later I became Lithuanian Combat Sambo champion and gained the right to participate in European Combat Sambo Championshiop, where I became a vice-champion. Moreover, I took part in Open Baltic Grappling Championship and won a title of a champion up to 100kg. Of course, I waited for the invitation to come back and participate in Rizin tourneship in Japan.

What are your thoughts about your opponent Karl Albrektsson?

In my opinion Karl Albrektsson is a good fighter with his own style. He prooved he can win against really strong fighters. I hope we will show a good fight with much actionwhich is important and interesting for Pride FC fans.

What kind of fight do you think this is going to be?

I train really a lot for this upcoming fight. I think my opponent will also try to demonstrate an interesting and vigorous fight, and not a tactic or based on the points, one. His fights are a bit slower in comparison to mine, thus I will try to use my strategy and not get into his imposed martial style.

How do you like fighting in Japan?

To fight in Japan was a dream of my life and it came true.. I am happy I can feel Japanese martial art spirit, I am amazed at how organizators take care of the fighetrs, how fans adore fighters and wish them the best. Fighters are respected all the time, no matter whether they win or lose. All fans are very sincere and emotional. While I am in Japan I feel as if I am a super star, thus I want to demonstrate a really good fight.

What does it feel like to fight in RIZIN?

Before I started training MMA, I had watched nearly all Pride FC tournaments. I have always dreamt about my participation in Rizin ff, and now I am a part of it. I had 4 fights and I am very happy about that. I want to stay here as much as it is possible. It is a significant period of my life and will give all my effort for it.

A message to the fans.

I train hard and a lot and I wish for a good and nice fight. I do everything for you, my dear fans.