Interview with Miyuu Yamamoto
“I want people to recognize that I am actually tough and a very skilled fighter, s I plan to dominate.”


I want people to recognize that I am actually tough and a very skilled fighter, s I plan to dominate.

Q) Your third fight in RIZIN has been confirmed. What are your thoughts?

Y) I am eager to get my first win. I want to get in there, get the win, celebrate and get back in to the gym. That would be ideal.

Q) You have tons of experience on the wrestling mat, but have you gotten used to the ring yet?

Y) I’ve noticed that wrestling and mixed martial arts are totally different things. You don’t have to worry about kicks and punches in wrestling. You need a different sense of awareness for this. In wrestling, it’s about points, for MMA, you replace that with punches and kicks. And the duration of the fight is much longer, so you have to stay focused longer, but since everything is so intense, it’s hard to find that breather point. In wrestling, I could just be aggressive throughout the match, but for MMA you need to be mentally tougher and there are so much more things you need during the fight.

Q) Do you feel that you have been improving after fighting twice?

Y) I think I’ve stepped up one step lol But when I look back at my debut, I had very little time to prepare so everything was just slapped together. For my second fight, I worked on my weak points so I was able to figure out things like timing and distance during the fight more. But I lacked in my ground game.

Q) What is your impression on Cassie Robb?

Y) I looks like she is a striker, but I’m working really hard on my striking game as well. I almost feel like I want to stand and trade with her.

Q) You are going to strike with a striker?

Y) I think that it’s in my nature to go for the takedown when I see the opening, so I can’t promise a stand up fight. If I see the opportunity, I will most likely capitalize on it.

Q) It’s in your nature as a wrestler.

Y) Of course, you’ve done it so many times, it becomes a reflex.

Q) Do you feel that way walking in the streets?

Y) That’s totally different. But when you are facing an opponent, and give you an opening, you have to go for it. You need to capitalize on any opening. I would like to stand and trade, but if there is an opportunity, I’m going to take it.

Q) Mr. Takada has mentioned that if you win the fight, there would be a possibility for you to participate in the woman’s GP in October. Are you interested in that?

Y) Yes, they are holding a woman’s GP in my weight division, so of course I would like to participate!

Q) RIZIN is focusing in the woman’s division. And you are obviously a part of it. What are your thoughts about woman’s fighting being accepting and getting more recognition?

Y) During my wrestling days, I always ended up with bad timing and was never able to make it to the Olympics, so for me, I am happy to be able to be active in a time where woman’s MMA is being highlighted. I’m starting to feel that everything I experienced in the past was for this. Maybe everything happened for a reason.

Q) Maybe because of you accomplishing so many things and contributed to the woman’s wrestling scene, it’s why the woman’s MMA scene is starting to build popularity.

Y) Not sure of that but there are always reasons for things to happen.

Q) Are you still training in Okinawa?

Y) Yes. My Brother opened up a gym over there.

Q) How is the environment?

Y) Yes, the kids are going to an international school and the climate is nice and warm and you can always train outside. It’s a great environment.

Q) Your kids follow you with you relocating per job.

Y) Yes, I have put them through some rough times, and that was one of my concerns that they might want to go back to Canada. I asked them if they wanted to go back, but they told me that they are having fun here in Okinawa, and that school is fun, so that was a big relief.

Q) The ability in adopting to a new environment is gives your children the strength like we see in Erson perhaps?

Y) I think so. It’s a way to raise kids that only I can do. I’m sure there will be tons of criticism towards me lol But I’m proud with me and the kids. We are all one big team.

Q) The family is the team.

Y) Yes. The kids give me the reason to get up every day and train hard.

Q) Being a mother is your greatest motivation to fight?

Y) That is a part of if for sure. I am a mother before a fighter. Kids come first.

Q) You just released a nude photo book. Is it pretty sexy?

Y) Yes I did release the photo book! The reason why I accepted this offer was because when I was in my twenties, I didn’t event dream of still competing at this age. I am grateful to be able to compete. It’s the body that my parents gave me, and gave me the environment to compete, and I am grateful for all of that. I feel like these types of opportunities won’t come that often looking ahead, so I was like, “let’s do this”. I want to deliver a message to the people in their thirties and forties who are thinking that “It’s too late”, that nothing is never too late.

Q) You have a hidden message in your photo book.

Y) Yes, I want more women to see this and be inspired!

Q) What kind of Miyuu Yamamoto would you like to show the fans on July 30th?

Y) I’m going to get that win already. People tell me that my previous fights were “close” “you almost had it” and all, and I really want to return the favor to those who support and believe in me. So I want people to recognize that I am actually tough and a very skilled fighter, s I plan to dominate. I appreciate everybody’s continued support.