Interview with Satoru Kitaoka “Do I really need to speak? Can’t you just judge by watching the fight?”


I don’t think I need to explain things by talking. Just watch the fight

Q) You second fight in RIZIN has been confirmed

K) I have been fighting for 17 years, but I have never not fought for 6 months. So I am relieved that I am able to fight.

Q) You feel that you haven’t been active enough?

K) I haven’t, they sit me.

Q) They sat you… You did mention during the press conference that you thought that you were team RIZIN but you were wrong.

K) I did, because they sat me on the bench.

Q) Did you notice any differences after you last fight in RIZIN?

K) Just a little, more people tend to notice me. But that’s nothing new, people always notice me for some reason.

Q) Things haven’t changed at all?

K) Just a little. Nothing really changed. I’m not noticing any boost in new membership at my gym… Which I knew wasn’t going to change.

Q) No new memberships at your gym?

K) Even when I submitted Gomi back in the day, I didn’t recognize and significant boost in memberships, so I figured it would be the same this time too.

Q) So fighting in a major promotion won’t help with gym membership, which means that you have to figure out something different.

K) I understand that very well. But just because I’m fighting at a major platform doesn’t change anything. Nothing I do changes, but I feel a bit empty inside.

Q) What do you mean?

K) I think I feel like I want to be famous, but I’m not sure if that’s the case. Maybe I want to achieve a higher level. It’s complicated

Q) Higher level as a fighter?

K) It’s complicated

Q) Higher level as a human being?

K) I could care less about being a better human being.

Q) That’s interesting. It seems like that it is something hard for us to understand.

K) Yes, it is. It’s complicated and it changes based off of my emotions.

Q) It almost sounds like the complicatedness and direction change by emotions drives you to continue this journey as a fighter

K) That is exactly what it is.

Q) Your fight is fighting for something you really can’t visualize?

K) Maybe. But the fact is that I enjoy this lifestyle. Continuing this life style means everything. You wouldn’t understand if I explained. It’s my feeling that clicks just with me.

Q) You mentioned that your next fight is against an assassin from RIZIN. What is your theme for this fight?

K) What theme?

Q) Will this be just a regular day at the office for you?

K) Nothing in my life is regular. My theme is to win. Plain and simple, no more, no less.

Q) What is your impression about your opponent?

K) He is a very high skilled fighter.

Q) You both are coming off of wins against Daron Cruickshank. Did you watch his fight?

K) Yes, I was there at the venue.

Q) What was your impression of that fight?

K) Cruickshank gets sloppy with his defense so I anticipated that outcome as one of the possible results.

Q) So what you see beyond this fight is……

K) I don’t know! It’s nothing like that.

Q) Do you feel that RIZIN will put you in a different spot after you win this fight?

K) I don’t fight with thoughts like that. I’m not in this for benefits and pondering my career. I do this because I want to. At every moment. I don’t care what RIZIN’s plans are or whatever. If you want me to talk about how I anticipate after RIZIN’s fight, I fight with RIZIN because I need to pay bills.


K) I’m not very good at explaining things am I…

Q) No you are good. So please tell us what kind of fight to expect from you.

K) What to expect? I don’t think I need to explain by talking. Watch the fights and decide for yourself.