Interview with Tyler King


How do you feel, now that your fight in RIZIN is official?

– I feel amazing. Training started long ago for this fight. I was ready to fight 3 weeks ago. Now I have more time to be even more dangerous.

What do you think about your opponent Amir?

– He is a fraud. No tough fights except for Mirko Cro Cop. I will expose him.

What started the beef between Amir on social media?

– What I stated above. I hate seeing fraudulent Fugazi get these opportunities they don’t deserve. I will come to Japan and claim what is rightfully mine.

How do you think this fight is going to be?

– I will brutally expose the fraud that is Amir

Please tell the Japanese fans about yourself.

– Imagine if Paul Bunyan, The Juggernaut and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira had a baby. You’d have me.

What are your impressions about Japan? Are there any specific things you would like to do/see in Japan?

– Japan is an amazing place. The birthplace of martial arts and bushido. I look forward to trying some of Japan’s world renowned sushi and seeing the historic sites of the Samuri

What do you think about the Japanese fans?

– They are amazing!!!!! So educated and respectful in regard to the fight game. It will be an honor to put on an entertaining fight for them

Have you seen any RIZIN events? If so, what are your thoughts?

– I’ve seen them all. I’m so excited to Fight for Rizin under this ruleset! It invokes memories of Pride which hooked Me on MMA. It’s truly an honor to fight at Saitama

A message to the Japanese fans please

– THANK YOU for this opportunity! I will show you my true BUSHIDO spirit and bring an amazing victory for you all to cheer!