A potentially explosive situation with Sakuraba and Wanderlei Silva!? Plus Yuki Motoya`s second weigh-in attempt.
Top presents, Rizin 1 weigh-in results.


Saturday, April 16th, 2016 – The weigh in for the Rizin 1 event was held in a downtown Nagoya hotel. The event is being held in the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya and Rizin committee chairman Nobuyuki Sakakibara opened with some remarks.

Nobuyuki Sakakibara: This event is dedicated to the memory of Kevin Randleman. I have invited his wife Elisabeth and she told me that Kevin loved Japan so much and that he really came of age as a fighter here in Pride. She told all the fighters that she wants them to fight with pride.

Yuki Motoya was unable to make weight for his 56.7kg bout with Brazilian Allan Nascimento and will weigh in again later today. Everyone else passed.

The fight between Chris Barnett and Kirill Sidelnikov (fight 7, held under MMA rules) had a maximum weight of 120kg, but after consulting with both camps, we have decided to make it open weight.

The event will also feature a star-studded tag team grappling match and a potentially explosive situation with Sakuraba and Wanderlei Silva. I have very high expectations for tomorrow`s event and I think it is going to amazing.

Rizin 1 weigh-in results

Main Event: Rizin MMA rules, 110kg.1R 10 mins, 2,3R 5 mins.
Jiri Prochazka (217/98.55kg) vs. Kazuyuki Fujita (240/108.7kg).

Semi Main: Rizin MMA rules, 93kg.1R 10 mins, 2,3R 5 mins.
Vadim Nemkov (204/92.6kg) vs. Karl Albrektsson (205/92.9kg)

Fight 12: Rizin MMA rules, 98kg.1R 10 mins, 2,3R 5 mins.
Teodoras Aukstuolis (215/97.35kg) vs. Jaideep Singh (214/97.2kg)

Fight 11: Rizin Female MMA rules, open weight. 3 x 5 min. rounds.
Gabi Garcia (209/95kg) vs. Anna Malyukova (200/91kg)

Fight 10: Special Tag Team Grappling Bout. 15 min match, three falls.
Kazushi Sakuraba (181/82.25kg) / Hideo Tokoro (151/68.4kg) vs. Wanderlei Silva (220/99.8kg) / Kiyoshi Tamura (185/84kg)

Fight 9: 51kg limit, shoot boxing rules. 3 x 3 min. rounds.
Rena Kubota (112/51kg) vs. Cyndi Alves (112/50.8kg)

Fight 8: Rizin MMA rules, 70.3kg.1R 10 mins, 2,3R 5 mins.
Daron Cruickshank (154/70.05kg) vs. Shinji Sasaki (154/70.01kg)

Fight 7: Rizin MMA rules, open weight.1R 10 mins, 2,3R 5 mins.
Kirill Sidelnikov (259/117.4kg) vs. Chris Barnett (301/136.6kg)

Fight 6: Rizin MMA rules, 81.7kg.1R 10 mins, 2,3R 5 mins.
Yuta Watanabe (193/81.45kg) vs. Hisaki Kato (193/81.7kg)

Fight 5: Rizin MMA rules, 56.7kg.1R 10 mins, 2,3R 5 mins.
Yuki Motoya (N/A) vs. Allan Nascimento (125/56.5kg)

Fight 4: Rizin Female MMA rules, 53kg. 3 x 5 min. rounds.
Kanako Murata (117/52.9kg) vs. Natalya Denisova (115/52.2kg)

Fight 3: Kickboxing rules, 64kg. 3 x 3 min. rounds.
Hiroto Yamaguchi (141/63.75kg) vs. Tetsuya Yamato (141/63.75kg)

Fight 2: Kickboxing rules, 73kg. 3 x 3 min. rounds.
Danilo Zanolini (161/72.85kg) vs. Norihisa Amimoto (159/72kg)

Fight 1: Kickboxing rules, 60kg. 3 x 3 min. rounds.
Yuya Yamato (132/60kg) vs. Yuki (130/59kg)