12th Match


Tournament 1st
Vadim Nemkov def. Goran Reljic
via knockout (strikes) – Round 1, 2:58


Reljic, the orthodox fighter is in white, Nemkov the southpaw in black. Both fighters are landing early, but in single shots. Leg kicks, high kicks, torso kicks, right hands, good jabs as both fighters are giving it their all to start the fight. They clinch, with both fighters trying to score takedowns. Eventually they back to the ropes, and after some time there Reljic backs off. Nemkov throws a left hook and then lands a solid right cross that hits Reljic flush and knocks him down. The referee initially doesn’t stop the contest and Nemkov misses a soccer kick, but lands follow-up punches and a stomp before the referee stops the fight.
An interview with Goran Reljic
How is your mental state now that the fight is over?
One of discouragement and dejection. I am very upset.
What are your thoughts on your opponent and the fight itself?
Nothing has changed. I knew his standup was good and that he had other weapons so nothing surprised me. I am just very disappointed in my own performance.
Could you elaborate further on what disappoints you?
I should have fought a more aggressive fight. I was waiting to see if he was going to counter me, but I should have attacked him more.
Would you like to fight in another RIZIN tournament again?
Of course I want to. Today’s fight was far from my best and I want to come back and show everybody what I can really do.