13th Match


Tournament 1st
Jiri Prochazka def. Satoshi Ishii
via knockout (strikes) – Round 1, 1:36


After an extensive feeling out process, Ishii leads with swinging left hook and then goes for a takedown. Prochazka stands his ground and both fighters clinch, trading knees and body punches. Ishii’s attempted hip throw is thwarted by Prochazka and the two release the clinch. Prochazka mounts the offence with a right cross and a right round kick to the head as Ishii blocks them. Prochazka, on the front foot, intercepts a takedown attempt by Ishii and unloads on a series of hooks and crosses, before landing a right round kick to the head that stuns Ishii, knocking him down. Prochazka smells blood and goes for the kill, attacking with hooks and crosses as Ishii covers up for dear life. Ishii, still on the ground, covers his head as Prochazka lands two solid knees to the temple, knocking Ishii out.