3rd Match


Tournament Semi-Final

(lose) Vadim Nemkov
1R10:00 TKO
Jiri Prochaska(win)


Nemkov is not as big in stature as Prochazka but is very aggressive early, throwing both kicks and punches. Prochazka in return throws low kicks of his own. Hard right hand catches Nem-kov as he changes levels, but he manages to slam Prochazka down. Prochazka turns into him and Nemkov locks on a guillotine. Nice scramble ensues and they return to their feet. Nemkov hits another takedown when Prochazka tries to advance. Full guard now by Prochazka who looks for an armbar.
Nemkov stacking him, staying out of danger. He pulls up and manages to slip his elbow free, then comes down punching. Prochazka tries to throw his legs up for an armbar and but gets hit with a barrage of punches. Nemkov passes to side control, which allows Prochazka to stand. Prochazka again with front kicks, but is caught with a glancing head kick in return. Nemkov with a spinning back kick and straight right. Nemkov shoots again but this time, Prochazka reverses into mount. Nemkov gives up his back and Prochazka slips in both hooks.
Nemkov dislodges a hook, Prochazka gets it back and looks to isolate an arm. Nemkov manages to turn back into his guard, then postures up and drops punches until Prochazka stands. Hard punches on both sides. Nemkov shoots and narrowly avoids the reversal, landing in mount him-self.
Nemkov moving his mount higher as if to go for an arm submission. S-mount now and he falls back for the armbar. Good defense by Prochazka and he ends up on top.
Prochazka stands and stomps, goes for a soccer kick and diving right hand, landing in side con-trol. Full mount for Prochazka, then he takes the back. He’s looking for the choke but can’t get it under the chin. Nemkov scrambles through and takes side control. North-south now. Pro-chazka just avoids a soccer kick as he stands up before the pair exchange punches. Hard knee by Prochazka.
Prochazka looks for a flying knee and gets taken down at the bell. Both men are absolutely flat out on their feet.
As everyone is waiting for the second round to begin, Nemkov cannot continue. Exhaustion and too much damage taken. Jiri Prochazka advances to the finals to face King Mo.
An Interview with Vadim Nemkov
What are your thoughts on how the fight went?
It was a really hard fight. I wasn’t able to fully recover from the fight on the 29th which contributed greatly to my loss.
What are your thoughts on your opponent from your first round matchup, Goran Reljic?
He was also a very strong fighter. My condition peaked on the 29th, and my kicks and punches were spot on in that fight. After the first minute of tonight’s fight, I knew something was different, I felt it. I think my stretching was insufficient.
What can you put the loss down to?
My conditioning. Mentally, I was more prepared for the first fight too.
And what are your thoughts on Jiri Prochazka?
He’s a very physical fighter with very high motivation. He always likes to attack and come forward.
Would you like to compete in the next Rizin tournament if there is one?
I want to, yes. I will train even harder if I get asked back again.
And what are your thoughts on this big event, Rizin?
What an amazing atmosphere. This is the first time I’ve been involved in a tournament of this scale. The atmosphere in the arena got me so excited, which may have affected my performance a little.
Do you think Prochazka can win the tournament?
I think Prochazka is very exhausted and I think Mo has more in the tank right now. That will definitely influence the outcome of the fight.