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Main Event : King Mo vs Jiri Prochazka

  Main Event vs Tournament Final (win)King Mo 1R 5:09 KO Jiri Prochazka(lose)   1R Both fighters are orthodox and they square up. Prochazka with the longer reach and deeper bust and shows lots of feinting from Prochazka early on, hard leg kick. He threatens a knee and falls short [...]

12th Match : Fedor Emelianenko vs Singh HEART Jaideep

  12th Match vs Special One Match (win)Fedor Emelianenko 1R 3:03 TKO(Referee Stop) Singh HEART Jaideep(lose)   Before the fight started, for his contribution and services in the promotion of both Japanese and Russia cultural exchange and sports through MMA, Fedor was presented with a championship belt by the [...]

11th Match Kron Gracie vs Asen Yamamoto

  11th Match vs Special One Match (win)Kron Gracie 1R 4:57 Triangle Choke Asen Yamamoto(lose)   1R Yamamoto moving around a lot early on. Side kick to the body. Straight lefts from Gracie and he ties up, hitting Yamamoto with right hands. Counter right from Yamamoto, left from Gracie. They [...]

10th Match : Andy Souwer vs Yuichiro Nagashima

  10th Match vs Special One Match (win)Andy Souwer 1R 5:29 KO Yuichiro Nagashima(lose)   1R Low kick from Souwer early on. Overhand right lands, then a glancing knee. Nagashima to the body. Another good inside low kick trips Nagashima up. Lead right and they trade in the clinch until [...]

9th Match : Peter Aerts vs Baruto

  9th Match vs Special One Match (lose)Peter Aerts 3R Decision (Unanimous) Baruto(win)   1R Aerts, taking this fight on just days notice, looks sharp as the bell sounds. He throws a flurry of punches but Baruto walks right through them, avoiding and taking him down into half guard in [...]

8th Match : Taro Akebono vs Bob Sapp

  8th Match vs Special One Match(ShootBoxing Rule) (lose)Taro Akebono 2R 0:47 Decision (Unanimous) Bob Sapp(win)   1R Akebono pushing forward, but has his hands up covering his face. He forces Sapp to the ropes until the referee separates them. Sapp fires off a combination and Akebono again just pushes [...]

7th Match :Gabi Garcia vs Lei’D Tapa

  7th Match vs Special One Match (win)Gabi Garcia 1R 2:36 TKO(Referee Stop) Lei'D Tapa(lose)   1R Lei'D faces up to Gabi (orthodox) in a southpaw stance and throws a few left hands to start. She manages to connect with a solid left and drops Garcia. As Lei'D approaches the [...]

6th Match : Takeru vs Yang Ming

  6th Match vs Special One Match(K-1 Rule) (win)Takeru 2R 3:00 KO Yang Ming(lose)   1R Yang Ming the southpaw vs. Takeru, an orthodox fighter. Both fighters trade kicks early on, as well as both trying to go to the legs. Yang with a body kick as Takeru with [...]

5th Match : Soo Chul Kim vs Maike Linhares

  5th Match vs Special One Match (win) Soo Chul Kim 3R Decision (Unanimous) Maike Linhares(lose)   1R Kim comes out aggressively and grabs the Thai plum when Linhares shoots. They exchange knees to the body against the ropes. Linhares gets him down to his knees in the corner. [...]

4th Match : Ken Hasegawa vs Brennan Ward

  4th Match vs Special One Match (lose) Ken Hasegawa 2R1:54 RNC Brennan Ward(win)   1R Ward wearing shoes, so he is not allowed to kick. Body kick and left hand by Hasegawa, who changes levels and grabs a bodylock against the ropes. Ward defending well thus far and the [...]