10th Match


Tournament 1st
King Mo def. Brett McDermott
via knockout (punch) – Round 1, 9:10


Mo is wearing wrestling shoes and after McDermott gets the first shot in with a low kick, Mo takes McDermott down, who scrambles up quickly. They clinch, exchange some knees to the body and then break.
Mo catches a left low kick from McDermott and lifts and slams him to the canvas. After some time on top of McDermott, Mo goes into a half guard. Mo not doing much, and McDermott unloads some lefts from the bottom. McDermott scrambles and stands up, lots of encouragement coming from his corner.
McDermott lunges forward to punch but is taken down again. Mo controls McDermott from the side and hits with a couple rights. Mo goes into a half guard and unloads some big rights that McDermott does not defend. Mo still on top in the half guard, pounding away at McDermott with the right hand, and occasionally the left. McDermott, throwing the odd attack, finally regains full guard, pushes away and stands up.
Mo senses that the big Brit is tiring and pushes forward into a single leg takedown. Mo lands a few more punches and shows his superior wrestling, but Brett is back up.
Visibly tired and seemingly worried about the takedowns, McDermott doesn’t launch any offence other than the odd swing. Mo connects on a nice left jab and McDermott is now too tired to land anything effect here. McDermott swings wildly and they clinch, with Mo leaning him up to the ropes. McDermott looks to land some body punches on his coaches advice, they then break. Mo starts hitting with mostly lefts and a couple of rights, but a big right from Mo knocks McDermott down. King Mo your winner, by knockout.
Mark Coleman and Heath Herring, who attended as a guests, are watching and King Mo picks up the mic.
King Mo comment:“They call me the king! I want to hear you all say it! (appeals to the crowd to call him the kind). Please come back here again on the 31st as you witness Japanese the rebirth of Japanese MMA!”
An interview with Brett McDermott
What are your thoughts on the fight against King Mo?
I’ll be truthful. I knew how the fight would go before I fought. I knew what the result would be. Someone at Mo’s level, against a no name fighter like me. But I’ve always said that I will fight anyone. That’s my motto. I gave it my 100% all tonight.
You were named as a replacement fighter this time around. Were you satisfied with your preparation?
Of course I would have liked to have had more time. But like I said, I will fight anyone, anywhere, any time. That’s my motto. There was no way I was going to reject the chance to fight Mo here in Japan. It’s like a dream come true.
What are your thoughts on Mo after having fought him? Did you see him as being tired too?
If I compare Mo to a dog, he’s like a pit-bull who, once he has bitten you, will never let go. I was able to take him down once, and after he got up I do remember him being tired. But I was flat out on my feet tired. Mo fought the way he always does.
Looking back on your performance tonight, do you think you’ll get another offer from RIZIN?
I’d like to get asked to come back and fight again. But once I go home, I need to go back to helping out with the family business, and I don’t have all that much time to train. Even on short notice, I’ll fight anyone and will never give up. Thank you again to everyone for inviting me to fight in Japan.