11th Match


Tournament 1st
Teodoras Aukstuolis def. Bruno Cappelozza
via knockout (punches) – Round 1, 3:32


Cappelozza, a judo based fighter, leads off with a straight, and a swinging cross. They exchange punches and then clinch, with Aukstuolis landing some knees. Cappelozza gets the body lock, forcing Aukstuolis back to the blue corner before taking him down.
Aukstuolis scrambles up but Cappelozza holds on, forcing him to another corner. They break and exchange a series of punches and kicks before Aukstuolis lands a straight left that catches Cappelozza coming in and knocks him down. He recovers quickly as Aukstuolis charges and both men are back on their feet. More aggressive punches by both fighters but Cappelozza gets a body lock again, again taking Aukstuolis to the corner.Cappelozza lands two good shots to the side of Aukstuolis’s torso and head. In response, Aukstuolis accidently knees Cappelozza in the groin.
The referee calls for a time out while Cappelozza recovers. After the referee resumes action, both fighters throw a series of punches but not a lot of connections. Cappelozza lands a liver kick while Aukstuolis hits with a left snap jab.Cappelozza leads in with a front kick, but Aukstuolis counters with a right overhand hook that catches Cappelozza flush and knocks him out.
An interview with Bruno Cappelozza.
How do you feel the fight went?
At first I thought the fight was going really well, but he hit me and it was over. His attack and defense were better than mine.
It was quite a high level match. Would you like to fight in RIZIN again?
I’ve been unbeaten for 4-5 years now so this result is very disappointing. I feel very down, but I want to keep on fighting.