Fight #12

Kyoji Horiguchi – 60.75kg

“Gabriel Oliveira is a south paw with a good left cross. But I have worked with taller, lankier opponents so I will be ready.”

“I would prefer to fight Ian in the Semi Final and I’m pretty sure that he will be coming up the bracket, but Manel is an explosive striker so you never know what can happen. It would be best for Japanese television if we the Finals were to be a Japanese vs Japanese fight, but I think Kevin Petshi might advance to the Finals on the other side of the bracket.”

“I have the stamina to fight 3 times in 3 days, and will fight in a way I won’t get injured.” “Everybody expects me to win the tournament, so I’m just going to go in there and win the thing.”

Gabriel Oliveira – 61.0kg

“Horiguchi has a different style than Kawajiri, he is a smaller, much quicker striker.”

“The amount of hungriness and the motivation to win is completely different than any fighter in Japan. My everyday life is like a bad guy in a movie, surrounded by an environment with nothing to do, but just train.”

“I would like to fight the biggest names possible on my way to become champion. Manel is tough, but he is unknown. It would be much better for me to fight Ian and beat him, I think that Khalid Taha will advance to the Finals on the other side of the bracket.”

“My fight on the 29th will be the actual Finals, I fight with style, not strategy.”

Fight #11

Ian McCall – 60.45kg

“I have been the healthiest physically and mentally than I have ever been in the past 3 years.”

“My Grandfather who I have looked up to just passed away, and he always looked at me as the family outcast. I want to win the GP and prove my existence.”

“Manel is an immature child and needs to be taught a lesson.”

“I am going to put my heel in his face, break his face. He’s no good for the sport. He says things… trash talk is one thing, but what he says is inappropriate, so I’m gonna hurt him real bad.”

“I have this sadistic side in me and RIZIN rules are perfect. I have absolutely no problem stomping on a person’s face.”

“The ring is more open. You’re not gonna get caught in the cage as much, the audience has a better view. Honestly I just like the rule set better. I like Japan better, I like fighting for RIZIN better than the UFC, less stress. Tokyo, RIZIN as a whole has made me less happy, and no stress.”

“I hope Horiguchi and Oliveira beat each other up very bad so it’s easier for me. But I think Horiguchi will win. I hope he wins because I want to fight the best Japanese fighters in japan to make the Japanese culture embrace me. I love japan, and I think the best way to build myself as a star in this company, that’s the way to do it.”

“At first fighting 3 times over the course of 3 days was questionable, but I’m not getting younger so I train smarter not harder. For the first time in my life, I did roadwork and pool work. I know how to fight. I’m a veteran now. This is gonna hurt, it’s not gonna be fun. I’ve never done this before. I grew up as the younger guy with people like Chuck Liddell and Quinton Rampage, and all these older fighters that fought in pride. Back then they used to pay by the pound, now it’s the little guy’s turn. I know I have to take Manel Kape out as fast as possible, I know I have to conserve my body. Live by the sword die by the sword. It’s just a fight, ok, so what. You wanna kill me? I’ll go out on my shield.” “Ishiwatari seems like the best fighter out of that side. I think it’s more or less I hope he wins, because I think he’s the best Japanese fighter from that side, and again I wanna fight people in their homeland, in this country, the star in their homeland. I want Japan to embrace me as little Fedor.”

Manel Kape – 60.4kg

“(Ian McCall) He’s old, he’s finished. I have nothing to say.

Honestly speaking, I don’t think he’s my opponent. I’m gonna be a champion. This is an obstacle like a stone in my shoes. I’m gonna get rid of the stone and reach my path to become champion.”

“I’m used to it. 3 matches in 3 days is not a problem. When I was younger, I fought 5 times a day, so I’m used to this, I’m not worried about it.”

“I don’t care who I meet in the Semi Final and Final, whoever comes, that’s their problem.”

Fight #10

Kevin Petshi – 60.8kg

“Ishiwatari is very experienced and a good fighter. I’m pretty pleased to be given a chance to fight him, because he’s a very famous fighter in japan. A good fighter and well known. I really appreciate to be able to participate in the RIZIN GP 2nd round. It is my dream to be in rizin, to fight in rizin. My goal for now is to win the 2nd round.”

“Last match I didn’t use 100% power. Probably 20-30%. Still I was able to win. I wasn’t that happy about my speed, but setting that thing aside, I’m gonna show you a completely different Kevin Petshi, at a big event like rizin. Oct 15th wasn’t in good shape. This time it’s going be different, I will show you a new me.”

“My opponent for the Semi Finals will probably Takafumi Otsuka. The finals, will be Horiguchi or Ian Mccall. I would like to fight against them.”

“I have worked specifically on the RIZIN rules, so I would like to utilize them.”

Shintaro Ishiwatari – 61.0kg

“My motivation is to advance to the finals and meet Horiguchi.”

“Horiguchi is looked at as the favorite and all the spot light is on him, but he deserves it, I can’t say anything about it.”

“I honestly don’t care who I fight in the Semi finals but I think that Otsuka will be advancing. I hope Taha beats up Otsuka enough and lose by decision so it will make it easier for me.”

Fight #9

Khalid Taha – 61.0kg

“I want to beat 3 Japanese fighters and become Champion. That means I will defeat the DEEP Champion, Pancrase Champion and Shooto Champion to become RIZIN Champion.”

“My conditioning this time is much better than when I was in July. I feel full of energy.  “Otsuka is good opponent, he’s very experience. But I think he’s out of gas. I think I have more energy. So I think that’s the difference.”

Takafumi Otsuka – 60.85kg

“My opponent is strong and powerful but I will out wrestle him.”

“I am focused in advancing. That is my only motivation for now. I need to focus on one by one.”

Fight #8

Gabi Garcia – 107.7kg

“I am going to hurt her and make sure nobyd won’t want to challenge me anymore.”

“She wants to fight me, but she doesn’t want elbows, and she wants 3 minute rounds. That’s crazy”

“I won’t make the referee stop the fight. I’m going to punch her and wait, punch her and wait, I will beat her slowly and punish her how like a snake eats its prey.”

“I respect her accomplishments, and what she has done to become so famous. But a fight is a fight and I am going to teach her that this was a bad idea.”

“RIZIN should hold tournaments for fighters like me.”

Shinobu Kandori –

“I have been training with taller, and heavier men for this fight, and I have a plan.”

“I’m used to being punched, I’m used to taking damage.”

“People may think I’m crazy, but I want to show people that challenging is not an embarrassing thing. People need to keep challenging.”

“My background is Judo, and Judo is all about smaller people throwing bigger people. I know how to use my leverage as an advantage.”

“Gabi is mentally weak, and I can beat her.”

Fight #7

Jiri Prochazka – 92.95kg

“My knee is completely healed, it took a while, but I feel really good.”

“I was able to win my comeback fight with a finish, so I feel good”

“I have my strengths, and he has his strengths. I have a plan to execute and I’m sure he does as well. But I do believe that I exceed him in every aspect.”

“I am ready to be the new face of RIZIN. I do not choose my opponents, I will fight whoever RIZIN puts in front of me. If they want me to fight Mirko, I will do my best to beat him.”

Karl Albrektsson – 92.4kg

“Jiri will be my toughest opponent yet.”

“I have seen him being knocked out before, and I do see many holes in his game.”

“I have visualized myself beating Jiri, and challenging Mirko afterwards.”

“All of my fights in RIZIN have been against quality opponents and I believe that the tough competitions has made me into a better fighter at a fast rate. The experience I am getting in RIZIN is very good.”

Fight #6 Reina Miura – 70.0kg

“I would like to beat her into a bloody pulp.”

“I don’t understand that whole King vs Queen thing. So what?”

“I have been working on my defense.”

“I would like to show you a different side of me for my next fight.”

Cindy Dandois – 68.6kg

“RIZIN allows fighters to be themselves.”

“The Queen of Hearts will destroy the Kingdom and 2018 will start with a different ruler.” “Miesha has told me to go out there and be myself and have fun. I hope to put on a fight where other girls look at and be inspired. If is not about winning or losing, I want to inspire people.”

Fight #5

Hiroyuki Takaya – 65.95kg

“I have much more experience than my opponent, so I do feel a little bit of pressure that I have to win.”

“My opponent is a powerful, strong wrestler, but I will fight like I always fight. I am not going to have to adjust to his fight style.”

“My opponent’s mentor is one of the very famous former Yokuzuna Asashoryu, but that won’t faze me of change my attitude. I will go and knock him out.”

Baataar Azjavkhlan – 65.75kg

“My fight style is wrestling style.”

“He (Takaya) does have much more experience than me, but I have already fought Japanese champions in the past, so I do not think that this is too early for me. I know I can hang with the best, and I can beat Takaya.”

“Usually I fight at 61kg, but cutting weight is very hard and you need true dedication.” “I am the first Mongolian fighter to fight in RIZIN. I will be proudly representing my country, and I want to show the Mongolian warrior spirit.”

Fight #4

Anthony Birchak – 60.85kg

“I’m going to go back to my roots and change my fight style a little bit for this fight. I know that the judges are looking for more excitement and aggressiveness.”

“This is another opportunity for me to get back in the tournament, so I am going to take any chances.”

“I will be more aggressive, I am going to be more active. I am going to take him down and turn him into a pretzel.”

“I commented my opponent’s last fight, and I know exactly what I am going to do with him.”

Jae Hoon Moon – 60.95kg

“I don’t have much of an impression on my opponent.”

“I would like to make this fight a good match for the fans. And beat him in a good fight, so I will be able to get back into the tournament if anything happens.”

“I have focused on my ground game to make sure I can keep the fight where I want it to be. Obviously on the feet.”

Fight #3

Kizaemon Saiga – 62.6kg

“This was an extremely short notice fight, but I didn’t want to lose the opportunity in fighting n RIZIN again, so I took the fight.”

“My opponent is a striker, but I am much more decorated when it comes to straight kick boxing.”

“I want to prove my wife I am a worthy husband. I don’t want her to be worrying about me and my fights anymore.”

Kai Asakura – 62.7kg

“Despite the last minute replacement, I’m still motivated in facing a bigger name, does not see Saiga as a threat.”

“He’s not so strong. I have nothing to be afraid of. He is a bigger name because he has been involved in a scandal, so for me, I guess I would be the good guy in the fight.”

“I will show him that pure kick boxing skills don’t work in MMA. I will beat him on my feet.”

Fight #2

Shizuka Sugiyama – 57.0kg

“It took me awhile, but I am finally here on the big show and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.”

“I know that fighting for RIZIN you need skills + alpha. I hope that I can bring that for my fights, and not only show the world my skills, but my character and style as well.” “My husband Keita Nakamura, has never been my corner, but he will be in my corner for the first time.”

Kana Watanabe – 56.95kg

“I am finally starting to get used to the entertainment aspect of MMA. When I was competing in Judo, it was straight up competition, so we don’t do interviews, we don’t speak to the media too often.”

“Judo is much harder on your body, because you focus on small areas. MMA there are so many aspects and you have to learn so many things, much less injuries.”

“I know that my opponent has much more MMA experience, but I have a very extended Judo background, so I am confident that I can overcome the difference and beat her.”

Fight #1

Satoru Kitaoka – 75.0kg

“I have sparred with many Welterweight opponents so I am ready to battle a bigger and stronger opponent.”

“I am grateful for this opportunity, and I am happy that RIZIN feels that they need me. I will put on a performance that they will not disappoint.”

“I am honored to be assigned to kick off the event for the NYE.”

Kiichi Kunimoto – 75.0kg

“I am blessed to be able to fight in RIZIN right after I was cut from the UFC. I will have to show the world that I am still a top contender.”

“I believe that I am still growing as a fighter, and that’s when I got cut, so I really want to put on a performance and show that I am still evolving as a fighter.”

“I appreciate Kitaoka taking this fight despite the weight difference, but that’s that. I will take him out.”

“It would be nice to give Kitaoka his first submission loss, but I have been working on my striking a lot, so I will try to keep this fight standing and knock him out.”