Destanie Yarbrough

Name: Destanie Yarbrough Place of the Birth: USA Date of the Birth: 12/7/1990 Height: 175cm Weight: 98kg Twitter: DestanieYa A semiprofessional football player for the Central California War Angels women's football team in America. At 175 cm, 100 kg, she is one of the best female players and [...]

Miyuu Yamamoto

Name: Miyuu Yamamoto Place of the Birth: Kanagawa,Japan Date of the Birth: 4/8/1974 Height: 156cm Weight: 50kg Miyuu's father is an Olympic wrestler who competed in Munchen, her younger sister Seiko is a wrestling world champion and her younger brother Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto is a MMA fighter. Her [...]

Amir Aliakbari

Name: Amir Aliakbari Place of the Birth: Iran Date of the Birth: 11/12/1987 Height: 192cm Weight: 120kg Association: AKA Thailand Twitter: IranHWbeast 2 time Greco Roman world championship gold medalist Iranian wrestler, has made a fantastic transition in the MMA. With his given physique and natural power he [...]

Cyndi Alves

Fighting out of the famous Chute Boxe Academy, Cyndi Alves is training under one of the best coaches in the world Rudimar Federigo, who has brought up the likes of Wanderlei Silva, Fabruicio Verdum, Marucio Shogun just to name a few.

Natalia Denisova

Her father was a solid boxing practitioner, it was natural for Natalia to be dreaming of becoming a professional fighter.

Kiyoshi Tamura

Represents U-FILE CAMP, 2-times Open Weight RINGS Champion. He started his career with UWF, and followed the changes along with UWF International and RINGS. Fans are fascinated by his unique fighting aesthetics.


Represents Team Free Style. Currently ranked DEEP☆KICK 60 kg 3rd place, he has all the potential to be the next Champion.


NJKF super featherweight champion, represents Yamato gym, his record is 9-1. Made a bright professional debut in NAGOYAKICK in 2008.

Norihisa Amimoto

ISSHIN-KICK light weight Champion 2012, GLADIATOR KICK light weight champion, GLADIATOR KICK middle weight Champion 2014. The backbone of his MMA style is Taekwon-do, a National Korean sport.

Danilo Zanolini

When visiting Japan in 1999, Danilo started working on his network expansion, and now Danilo owns 11 kickboxing gyms in Japan and buillt 11 gyms promoting his Brazilian-Thai Team in Brazil.