Exclusive interview with the Lithuanian Werewolf Teodoras Aukstuolis “Results are unpredictable, I know it’s going to be a fun fight”

Teodoras Aukstuolis will be facing Jaideep Singh on April 17th (Sun) on "Top Presents RIZIN .1" held at the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Aichi prefecture. The BUSHIDO representative left a great impression with his looks and performance. The Lithuanian Werewolf speaks his thoughts ---.

“Win or lose I want to put on an inspiring fight” An exclusive interview with Shinji Sasaki, who is set to take on the “Detroit Superstar” Daron Cruickshank.

Former Shooto Pacific rim champion, Shinji Sasaki will be fighting on the “Top Presents RIZIN.1” card on April 17th at the Nippon Gaishi Hall in the Aichi prefecture. With owning a gym in Hiroshima, and currently on a 3 fight winning streak, we asked him about what keeps him motivated ---.

12/29/2015・12/31/2015 RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2015 Saitama 3 Days. RIZIN FF official web store is currently accepting advanced reservations for a DVD set that includes all 27 fights from both events plus the opening ceremony with a special commentary.

3 disk DVD set includes:SARABA Fiesta 14 fights, IZA Saltation 13 fights , 27 fights in total plus Opening Ceremony. Special features including commentary with RIZIN Chairman Nobuyuki Sakakibara, Tsuyoshi Kosaka who has made his comeback in the first fight at SARABA Saltation, and former fighter and now owner of Waijutsu Keishukai HEARTS Gym Kenji Osawa, and MMA fan’s favorite announcer Yano Takeshi and Daisuke Takahashi.


Represents Team Free Style. Currently ranked DEEP☆KICK 60 kg 3rd place, he has all the potential to be the next Champion.


NJKF super featherweight champion, represents Yamato gym, his record is 9-1. Made a bright professional debut in NAGOYAKICK in 2008.

Norihisa Amimoto

ISSHIN-KICK light weight Champion 2012, GLADIATOR KICK light weight champion, GLADIATOR KICK middle weight Champion 2014. The backbone of his MMA style is Taekwon-do, a National Korean sport.

Danilo Zanolini

When visiting Japan in 1999, Danilo started working on his network expansion, and now Danilo owns 11 kickboxing gyms in Japan and buillt 11 gyms promoting his Brazilian-Thai Team in Brazil.

Hiroto Yamaguchi

Represents Yamaguchi Dojo. Yamaguchi has won 12 out of 18 by KO’s in the Kansai region and is known for his devastating knock out power.

Tetsuya Yamato

Represents Yamato gym. WBC Muay Thai Super Lightweight World Champion, WMC Intercontinental lightweight champion.

Anna Malyukova

Anna started off her career as an athlete as a basketball player, she played at the top level during her collage days, and started training Russian martial arts Systema.