The Fight that was my turning point. Satoshi Ishii / Jiri Prochazka

At this segment, we asked the fighters, people involved which fight they fought or saw became their turning point for their career.
—Satoshi Ishii
Satoshi Ishii will be facing Jiri Prochazka in the opening round for RIZIN WORLD GP. His claims that his motivation towards MMA is Satoru Kitaoka. Ishii picks his memorial fight to be the fight between Kitaoka and Gomi held during Sengoku in 2009. Kitaoka submitted Gomi in just 101 seconds into the fight by Achilles hold.
“I am always inspired by Kitaoka’s fights. Especially the Gomi fight. I was watching the fight with Asashoryu, but we were both excited. He brings that atmosphere where you can’t look away from his walkout. He finishes his fights quickly too. Kitaaok’s mentality and quotes are somewhat of a philosophy text book to me.”
—Jiri Prochazka
Jiri Prochazka meets Satoshi Ishii for the opening round of RIZIN WORLD GP. A fighter who was introduced to “The book of 5 rings” written by Samurai Musashi Miyamoto, and learned to truly respect the Bushido Spirit looks up to a Brazilian fighter Ryoto Machida. Out of all of Machida’s fights, Jiri’s most memorial fight was held on August 4th 2012 against Ryan Bader which ended by Machida Knocking out Bader at 1 minute 32 seconds in round 1.
“There are many fights I remember, but that fight would be the one to mention. The polished technique and amazing timing, rhythm and distance that he displayed was phenomenal. This fight definitely affected my style of fighting.”