“I am going to win as I always do. With an Ippon or a KO”

—Can you give us your thoughts on your opponent?
He’s a fighter who likes to fight on the front foot, always moving forward. He’s a very good striker with lots of moves.
—Do you have any plans to combat that?
I’ve trained hard and prepared well. We will fight in the ring, where all that training will pay off. I plan to capitalize on his mistakes and win the fight.
—What kind of fight do you envision the fight to be?
I think it’s going to be a fight where we both give it our all. We are both good strikers with solid offence and defense. If I need to use my ground game, then so be it. Likewise if it’s a stand up fight, I’ll use my Muay Thai techniques.
—You’ve won all your fights by KO or Ippon. Do you plan on extending that streak?
Yes. I knock people out, that’s what I do. That’s how I am going to win this fight. I am not thinking about this going to a decision.